Influences on BMR

BMR is influenced by multiple factors which includes

Body size - larger adult bodies have more metabolizing tissue and a larger BMR.

Less amount of muscle tissue – Lean Muscle burns kilojoules rapidly.

Amount of fat present in the body – Fat cells burn fewer kilojoules as compared to the other tissues and organs of the body.

Crash dieting, starving or fasting- BMR can drop by up to 15 per cent by eating too few kilojoules which encourages the body to slow the metabolism to conserve energy.

Age – Age is a great factor in metabolism. Increase in the age slows loss of muscle tissue, but also due to hormonal and neurological changes.

Hormonal and nervous controls – BMR is mostly controlled by the nervous and hormonal systems. The process of  burning of kilojoules( slowly of rapidly) is influenced by hormonal imbalances.

Infection or Diseases – To create an immune response and to build new tissues body has to work harder which results in the increase of BMR.

Drugs –BMR can also increase due to Some drugs, like caffeine or nicotine.

  • Amount of physical activity
  • Dietary deficiencies
  • Genetic predisposition

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